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Malpertuis cover image, Malpertuis. Jean Ray. Atlas Anti-Classics 5. Translated and Introduced by Iain White. ISBN 0 98 8 pp 19 x 17cm, out of print. Jean Ray’s novel Malpertuis is a strange little book indeed. It’s not immediately obvious wherein lies the strangeness, but don’t despair. Malpertuis by Jean Ray – book cover, description, publication history.

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Really, this was perfect pre-Halloween reading.


Should this belief wither, the gods will die. I can’t think of how I could describe its plot without falling into nasty spoilering, so I’ll just say that you get into a strange house with uncanny people in it, and nothing is what it seems, nothing at all. It appears at first to be about the peculiar inhabitants of the house of Malpertuis, in a city which is presumably Ghent in the dying days of Francophone supremacy; but in fact it turns into a peculiar confrontation between the organised Catholic church and the gods of ancient Greece.

The estate is a cold, dark, and dreary place. How can you not love lines like this: Tanto affascinante quanto evocativo, si gioca tanto bene sulle impressioni di mistero suscitate nel lettore, quanto negli orrori descritti vivamente e chiaramente. The publisher agreed, provided only that each story be about the same length as the original, and match the book’s cover illustration.

He brings them back to Europe and creates identities for them as friends and family. Jean Ray was a prolific author who moved easily between the worlds of pulp fiction and more serious literature. Refresh and try again. She has done much wonderful television work over the years and is still going strong. Malperruis astonishing ejan Gothic novel that has to be read more than once, seriously, to be understood and appreciated.


I can’t even begin to describe how much I adored this mysterious and inscrutable tale of tenebrous and awe-inspiring gloom. The events unfold with a dream-like quality.

Perhaps it is the past itself. Then things really get bizarre. Recommended to Nate D by: They seem an odd lot, but young Jean-Jacques soon realises they are much than just odd.

Perhaps I shall find it in me to write a review at some point that will do Malpertuis justice, but at this point I think I just need to let the feelings it stirred within me percolat I can’t even begin to describe how much I adored this mysterious and inscrutable tale of tenebrous and awe-inspiring gloom.

Dem Autor folgen

I could definitely re-read this one, and can tell it will be one of my best reads of the year. Some parts are still confusing to me. But what a pleasant surprise it was. However he’s a new hero and Cassave’s grandson.

Malpertuis by Jean Ray

I have seen the Kumel film and I concur with you about Susan Hampshire; she is amazing. Want to Read saving…. He was rescued from obscurity by Raymond Queneau and Roland Stragliati, whose influence got Malpertuis reprinted in French during Sep 18, Orrin Grey rated it it was amazing. I was just expecting something more brilliant and experimental, malpertujs this was entertaining enough, and I learned a couple new words.

The Harry Dickson stories are admired by the film director Alain Resnais mean others. Dec 12, Jason rated it really liked it. According to the introduction written by White this is “Jean Ray’s” only full length novel, what a shame.


The book is a mystery of sorts. The story is told from the point of view of a young man, Jean-Jacques.

I saw the film malpertuid a year ago, and it left its mark on my soul, but I still was not prepared for the greatness that was this book, which was quite different from the film, from what I recall.

Will Errickson June 10, at And the house is more than just a mysterious old house.

Sure, it all made sense at the end, but there should have been more clues earlier on so that I could have picked up the symbolism. During he was charged with embezzlement and sentenced to six years in prison, but served only two years. References to this work on external resources.

Malpertuis is a crumbling, ancient monastery where a dying warlock has trapped the aging gods of Olympus inside the skins of ordinary citizens. I didn’t know anything about the book going in and expected it to be a horror story, a haunted house novel. It’s a frustrating thing to put us through.

Jan 20, Sirensongs rated it it was rag. All the plots are about a house named Malpertuis. A puzzle box of a novel that can probably only be opened by stomping underfoot.

The prologue involves a sea voyage, but what is it that these mariners ate seeking?