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I am displaying images in xtype:dataview as thumbnail. I am curious how to show the tapped image as a Highslide popup in a next view. Can someone guide. I’ve successfully used the iframe expander to display pdf’s. I am trying to display a PDF in a Highslide, but when I try the above method. Hey! Question for anyone. I’m trying to get images using the Highslide Gallery to layout in the display order, but it looks like it’s displaying in the.

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Displaying content in an iframe The src of the iframe is set using the href attribute of the aor the hs. We recommend Highslide JS for anyone who wants to shine! Three levels of customizing 1 Settings for your entire site Although you may adjust the settings in the top of the highslide. See A move handle for the highwlide.

The Configurator contains more examples, combined with the possibility to make your own customized version of Highslide by adding or removing components. The following example shows how you set a new graphics directory and a non-default graphic outlineas well as translate language strings. Or you can for instance specify a px left margin to keep your menu visible, or anchor the image to one corner of the thumbnail.

Delete Post You are allowed to delete your post for 5 minutes after it’s posted. In the real world, you’d want to put the CSS into its own file, for easier maintenance. Equivalently to captions and headingsthe maincontent can hiighslide pulled from the alt or title attribute of the thumbnail using hs.


Highslide JS API Reference

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Integration was incredibly straight forward, the documentation and examples meant that we could very quickly decide on the best way forward for our own application, and within an hour we had rewritten our own software to include the Highslide JS functionality as standard.

This is not only a great help for non-developers, it also saves time for professionals who don’t have to read through the API documentation to get things done.

Sign up using Email and Password. A full HTML caption as outlined in point 3 above: Monitor this Discussion receive an email each time a reply is posted. Then within the content div somewhere you put another div with class name “highslide-body”. Here are a couple of demo pages that demonstrate three of the most common ways: This is an example of how to style the self-rendered content.

The other setting we need is objectType: THE best editor for js libraries Highslive ever seen and used. Cart Join our Community Sign Highslidde.

Bighslide move handle for the image A move handle can also be placed inside the captionin a custom overlay or in HTML content. Controlling headers and footers If the content takes up more screen area than the expanded window, scrollbars will appear.


These require that you use the highslide-full. If you mess it up, go back to the original file and change it bit by bit. Creates thumbnails automatically in your content using HighSlide to expand the image. See how developers implemented Highslide on their own sites in this thread. I am displaying images in xtype: I congratulate and thank you sincerely.

Control Bars not displaying. 🙁 – Highcharts official support forum

hithslide These properties override those set using CSS on the content div. Then mark up your anchor like this: For any problems in your installation, see Highslide support.

So you want to set hs. It allows the whole content of web site to be more attractive and user friendly. I know it was out of the scope of this forum, and it is much appreciated.

Highslide Gallery Display Order – concrete5

It’s just being weird. Read more about these parameters under Three levels of customizing below. Like shown below the area object is marked up with an onclick attribute. These albums are all produced by the application – no manual coding required.