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The reference to Stallone, under Mao’s regime, was weird too.

Balzac y la joven costurera china

To view it, click here. They hide their treasure, the forbidden books, together, they steal them together or work in the fields together. At costuerra same time, he always complains about her lack of education, telling the narrator, that he will teach her the ways of the world and that way, he will make her an educated woman. Still, focusing on the little love story here, there’s something that really bothers me. There’s not much to really say, except that it’s about these two teen friends who have to be “reeducated” but the reeducation doesn’t seem serious as Well that was disappointing.

The narrator on the other hand, keeping his distance out of respect for his best friend’s relationship with the seamstress, loves her for who she is.

Balzac y la joven costurera china by on Prezi

It became an object of veneration, almost. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Feb 25, P. She actually could have cosurera a lot more interesting had the author bothered to exert himself with her development.

I liked the cover a lot, by the way. In the first place, the characters balzzc not very well-fleshed out. Trivia About Balzac and the Li The thing with the old preacher helping the protagonists with their trouble don’t want to make any spoilers also struck me as not too well thought out, for why would he want to help them with this particular ccosturera Balzac y la joven costurera china by Dai Sijie.


E’ bastato leggere il nome di Balzac Quanto adoro quell’uomo! The Little Seamstress is their love interest, a daughter of a village tailor, whom they are feeding forbidden Western literature in order to make her more cultured.

I forced myself to finish this in order to practice finishing books, since I usually abandon books part-way through if I don’t love them. This book was only so-so.

Jan Edmonds I’ll check out the movie. His first book, Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstresswas made into a movie, inwhich he himself adapted and directed. Sijie is confused about what he wants this book to be so the reader never figures it out – and the ending, if nothing else, is solid evidence balsac this.

Balzac y La Joven Costurera China

This was in fact just one-third of the book. Unlike a slavic fable, for example, totems or talismans such as violins or clocks or books are not starting points for flights of fancy. The ending which does seems believable, is filled with woes that are hard to look past in the grand scheme of the book. The best I can do after finishing this book is There is so much potential in this novella, that it is incredibly frustrating to see it ultimately fail.

The dialogue even spoken is unnatural. Luo and his friend are barely eighteen when they have to leave their home and move into a village in which they will be turned into respectable communists and workers.


In the end, hcina plan works but she ends up becoming too cultured for him and longs for the life of the city.

The ending – the final metaphor – was very good and, actually, disturbing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

For instance, at one point during the story the narrator works in a coal mine, and he mentions that this brief job would cause many long-lasting ill effects, but he doesn’t say what these are. He also wrote and directed an adaptation of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, released in The small village on Phoenix mountain feels like a prison to the boys, their only distraction being the narrator’s violin and the local tailor’s beautiful daughter.

They try to be sneaky and smuggle banned books. The English translation released in is titled Mr. I feel it capitalized on Western stereotypes and failed to present any real human story.

They steal a suitcase filled with classic Western novels from another man being reeducated, and decide to enrich the seamstress’ life by exposing her to great literature.

Balazc decides that the seamstress is too uncultured and uneducated for him and he is determined to educate her and make her more sophisticated baalzac that they can be together. Dai Sijie was born in China in There, h Dai Sijie was born in China in