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PARITTA PALI Only the Ratana Sutta, Mora Sutta, Vatta Sutta, Atanatiya Sutta, Angulimala . Angulimala Sutta for easy delivery for expectant mothers;. Atanatiya Sutta means something in Buddhism, Pali. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out. Atanatiya Sutta. Pali, Indonesia · English. Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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Homage to Buddha Gotama, whose body shone with radiating halo, the son atanatiha Sakyan and with splendorous glory, who expounded this doctrine which eradicates all sufferings. Nor should he stay in the cemetery.

They all are revered by the world of gods and men. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Anathapindika visits the Buddha, who tells him of the five guilty fears—that begotten by killin May worry and illness be dispelled.

These persons never slander, but they are noble, and free from fear. There are some powerful deities residing within the jurisdiction of this religion. I was thinking that one should shout the Names of the Commanders and then make the complaint: Updated on 2 March, The Book of Protection by Piyadassi Thera.

In Ceylon, for instance, it is recited with great fervour at the conclusion of the Paritta ceremonies, particularly in times of illness, in order to ward off evil spirits. The Almighty Hero has expounded this discourse of protection. However, all rights are reserved. Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:.


In the western region there are great powerful dragon snakes. You may not use any of the site content on your own website, nor for commercial distribution. Click here to login or click here to become a member.

Need help with Atanatiya Sutta – Dhamma Wheel

To those who are endowed with the nature of piety, and who always revere the elders, these four boons suttx prosper; namely, longevity, beauty, stuta and strength. Because human-like beings can get the opportunity to retaliate, since those things are to their liking.

Page 2 Sacitta, 1 nt. Guide to Tipitaka by U Ko Lay. The remainder contains a list of the gods and other superhuman beings, the Four Great Kings heading the list; these last are described at some length; forty one other gods are mentioned as a kind of appendix or afterthought, all mentioned one after another with no attempt at group division and without any details, in what are, apparently, mnemonic doggerels.

It opens with a salutation to the seven Buddhas, beginning with Vipassi. They worship Gotama Buddha, the benefactor of gods and men, endowed with knowledge atajatiya good conduct, noble and fearless.

Atanatiya Sutta

May calamities not occur to you. In the eastern region there are powerful great deities. Given for example what the Buddha said in AN The Dawn of the Dhamma by Sucitto Bhikkhu.

Whosoever have extinguished the atanatyia of passion in this world, they have seen thoroughly the natural phenomena as they really are. May not injure the four social classes, and may protect society from dangers.


These seven and the other thousand million self-enlightened Buddhas are all equally peerless ones. Sutta 1 Sutta, 2 nt.

Then the spirit possessing the victim should be asked: And in order that the Buddhas disciples, haunting lonely and remote parts of the forest where the Yakkhas dwelt, might find protection from them, Vessavana suggested that the Buddha might learn the Atanatiya word rune rakkha. Out of respect for the Bhikkhu Sangha, release this person. The Bhikkhu Sangha has spoken on great blessings as a gift for you.

May you be emancipated from all diseases. No registered users and 12 guests. Paoi are direct links for the most relevant articles:.

Dhamma Wheel

Homage also to Vasabha Buddha, washed clean from all defilements and endowed with ascetic spirit. The Sub-commentary adds that a bhikkhu should speak on blessings before reciting the sutta with loving-kindness. He should not sit in the open to recite. Then after having had lamps lighted and the terrace swept, he should speak on blessings. May you overcome all enemies. The bhikkhu who is reciting it should not eat meat or food made from powdered grains.

If you will not grasp in the middle, you will live at peace.